Cowboy Bistro

Rockin W Rodeo Ministries had it’s beginnings, when in 1986, a small round pen and a mean Jersey bull came together for high school rodeo hopefuls to practice their skills. Little did they know that by offering a few practice bulls at Ted & Linda’s place in South Louisiana, that it would lead to full-blown bible studies twice a week, with buck-outs as the drawing card.  After two years and sixty Baptized in the water trough, Ted & Linda Wiese were off and running to the mission field God had been preparing them for.
Undaunted and full of  the Holy Spirit, they left farms, family, and friends, for the deserts of Nevada, Arizona, and California to minister at high  school and college rodeos.  The end of each rodeo season would culminate with ministry at the national level, gaining even more relationships with people from all over, not knowing where God was leading.  The fact that Linda added her expertise of cooking for contestants and using her gift of encouragement to compliment Ted’s preaching, has become apparent today with the beginning of  The Cowboy Bistro in 1999.  Linda’s dream of becoming  a chef led her to get her culinary degree in 1998 and  ultimately to fulfill the vision of  excellent hospitality to cowboys on the PRCA circuit.  From buck-outs to food….. God has creative ways to draw people in.  The vision included providing wonderful food, made with love, for free….no strings attached!
In 2000, the mobile kitchen was ready to go, and eventually got them to the list of events that they desired to feed at. That being the larger rodeos where the most contestants could be reached.  Volunteers, friends, and committee wives help get the job done.  When Ted is not preaching or leading Bible Studies, you can find him at the drink station, making his famous sweet tea and American Cowboy Coffee, or in the kitchen making pies and cobblers.
Ted and Linda have discovered that serving God can be  new and exciting each trip they make on the rodeo road…it’s more than just providing Cowboy Church….it’s living a lifestyle in front of the people they’re called to, being role models and mentors.  the end results are wonderful relationships with God’s favor to speak into their lives!
At this  time in the history of the Bistro, there is a need for a new and improved mobile kitchen.  They have it drawn up and ready to submit, but waiting on God’s people to respond to the need.  In the meantime, Rockin W Rodeo Ministry continues it’s mission to carry the Gospel of Jesus to the rodeo cowboy world and  beyond, feeding hungry souls in body and spirit….Jesus is Lord!